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Lost Colony DNA Project

    Are you one of the Lost Colonists? Could you be the key to unraveling the greatest mystery in America today? Find out by using a combination of DNA testing and genealogy.

    What happened to the lost colonists? Were they assimilated into the Native American population or did they perish? Today, for the first time, using DNA technology, we may find the answer.

    If your family descends from the Eastern Carolina area, if your family has an oral tradition of Lumbee or other Native American ancestry from the Eastern United States, or if your family includes one of our “most wanted” surnames, join the Lost Colony DNA Project with Family Tree DNA.

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    The “Families of Interest” include the surnames of the colonists and families associated through historical documents with local Native American heritage. If the colonists survived and were integrated into native village life, DNA, matching that of the colonists, will appear within the descendants of the local Native American population.

DNA Project Plan

  1. Locating and testing individuals closely associated with local families whose history implies they are of Native American ancestry, specifically those who lived on the land that is historically associated with Native villages where the colonists would have located.
  2. DNA testing descendants of these early inhabitants to determine whether their deep ancestry indicates Native American or Indo-European origins.
  3. Work with DNA surname project administrators to determine whether English families of surnames matching those of the Lost Colonists have already been DNA tested.
  4. Connecting English families of the same surname to Lost Colonists genealogically.
  5. Using DNA, genealogy and history, attempt to connect living descendants to colonists and local Native American tribes.
  6. Certify the genealogy of those believed to be connected to the Lost Colony.
  7. Reconstructing families of interest using DNA results and genealogy.
  8. Tracking population migration using DNA. What happened to the Colonists and the Native population? Where did they go? Who are they and where do they live today?
  9. After development of the above data base, DNA testing of archaeologically excavated skeletal remains to determine who they match.

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